I have a couple of girls that are ready to start breeding this spring. I will get information and pictures up this spring.

I'm Skye . I'm a blue shepherd. I came from Shepherds Rose Garden. I weigh about 75 pounds but not full grown yet. I am a little higher energy girl. I"m very happy go lucky and trainable. Skye is only 10 months old in this picture. 

My name is Inga. I am the daughter of Zoey and Royalairs Silver Falcon.I weigh 95 pounds and I am a happy go lucky girl. I did not have a great beginning of life but my Mom makes sure I get everything I need. And all the love I can handle. 

I am  Nikki.I came from Shepherds Rose Garden in Al.Mom is Smokey Blue Christmas and Dad is Emmit I am  a real sweet heart. She is a blue and tan.Nikki carries the blue gene,liver gene,isabella gene, and black gene.I think she i will add a lot of color to my lines.Thank you Dottie. 

My name is Zinn.I am a true black&silver,My Dad is 120 pounds .My Mom is 90.And Mom is out of snowcloud lines.And I date back to rin tin tin 1&4.So I have some big shoes to fill. 

I'm Mokey. I am the daughter of my Mom's friend Shane and Max. I am about 80 pounds. And just full of love and energy. I am a blue and red. 

I am Foxie. I am the daughter of Roxie and Ivan. My grandparents are Moxie and Fritz. I am one of the sweets and happiest girls you will ever see. 

Hi I'm Jessah. My Mom was Sweet Betty and my Dad is Max. I am 100 pounds and just a sweet heart. My best friend is Mokey. I also love to be with my Human Mom and Dad and be loved on.


 Hi I'm Roxie.I'm Moxie's & Fritz's Daughter.And Schwartz's half sister.I am a happy go lucky girl.I just want to be loved and hang around with my family.I weigh 90 pounds.