Hello,I'm Moxie and I weigh 95 pounds.Moxie is out of Ruger and a friends Duchess.I'm a happy go lucky girl and no no strangers human or animals.(Retired)She has been a great asset to my breeding program.Moxie is enjoying the retired life.


Koko has had one litter for us with Max.We kept a female pup from them.Koko is a super loyal girl.She is a great addition to our family.She will retire now and just be a great companion.Koko weighs 100 pounds.

I'm Koda .I came for Royalair Shepherds in Iowa.My new Mom got a really good opportunity to own a really nice shepherd like me from the Royalair Shepherd Bloodlines.I weigh 100 pounds and a very happy go lucky girl. (RETIRED)She has been a great asset to my breeding program. 

 Hi,I'm Zoey.I  weigh 80  pounds.I love to be by your side and be loved on.I'm a happy go lucky girl.I am having 1 last litter with Zoey then she will be retiring.She has been a great asset to my breeding program.

Schwarty is retired. she is enjoying the house life with her Mom Moxie. Schwartzy is such a sweet girl.